Our bodies usually tells us when something is wrong, by exhibiting symptoms. Symptoms of inflammation usually are from a poor diet, environmental overexposure. leaky gut, chronic disease(s), and more.   We can no longer wait for a pill to be our only solution with six out of 10  adults having at least one chronic health condition in the United States . 

Our mission at Recovering Me Holistic Center is to ensure the foundation of your health functions at it's best, by healing from the inside out. Our founder develops personalized plans to assure that patients are supported through each step of their wellness journey. We specialize in reversing chronic pain, chronic disease, mystery illnesses, gut health, gut-brain connection, weight loss, reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, and general overall health for our patients. 

Our most unique feature is our team-style approach., designed to help our patients from multiple angles, that has proven to have effective and lasting results. You'll have a practitioner, Life/Health Coach and Dietitian dedicated to supporting you as you progress in your personal health goals through your wellness journey.