Facial Treatments

Acne Facials-$125
Acne Facials, also known as   "decongesting facials" or "deep cleaning" facials, deeply purifies the skin and often includes rounds of extractions to unclog the pores. Although, you can expect extractions from any classic facial option, that's not what sets acne facials apart. Rather, acne facials tend to add and omit certain steps during the process in order to treat and prevent blemishes. 

24 K Gold Facials-$110
The 24K Gold Facial has intense anti-aging properties by activating the process of cell renewal to rejuvenate the skin. It’s rich in minerals, to restore skin tone, cleanse, and detoxify by helping to slow the creation of melanin, accelerating cell renewal and decreasing skin inflammation. The 24K gold facial also assists in lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation, while helping to enhance skin elasticity.

Diamond Facials-$180
A diamond facial is a non-surgical peel treatment that helps to eliminate dead skin cells, by removing the top layers of the epidermis. The result is damaged, aged, and sensitive skin is replaced by  new, glowing, and youthful skin.  A diamond facial is performed with a special diamond-tipped tool that gently removes toxins, dirt, and dead skin cells. It boosts the skin’s metabolism to reveal new and smoother skin. 

Caviar Facials-$250
The Caviar facial contains nourishing properties packed with Vitamins and minerals that are responsible for preventing dullness and drying of skin. These vitamins and minerals with the aid of the amino acids can even out skin tone and improve texture . Caviar will firm and lift minimizes the appearance of pores.